HRS hasĀ a comprehensive accounts receivable and financial management solutions for clients, designed specifically to address the problems that undermine the effectiveness and efficiency of revenue cycle management.

HRS’s financial management system and services helps clients further optimize their billing systems, manage medical claims filing, and reduce the risks associated with regulatory compliance.

Designed around proven industry best practices, the HRS solution is a hybrid of traditional billing approaches that fills the critical gaps between traditional, on-premises software, and fully outsourced billing.

By using HRS to optimize process management while specifically targeting the root causes of costly billing errors that lead to bad debt, labor intensive rework, and compliance liabilities, our clients are able to realize gains of 8-20% in their net results within the first 12 months.

By streamlining and automating their billing process, our clients are able to eliminate billing IT infrastructure costs and maximize staff productivity. This helps clients achieve up to a 20% improvement in their cash collections and have significantly reduced unpaid and underpaid claims. These solutions are also contingency based.